I'm a game designer who aims to create experiences that have lasting impressions on players.
My strengths are in systems design, level design, and programming.



Island Saver

iOS, Android

Lead Designer, Systems Designer, Programmer

Island Saver targets an audience of early and pre-teens to teach them the importance of saving money through an exciting mobile game that combines an endless runner with financial literacy elements!

Ribberto's Rolling Adventure

Windows, Mac

Lead Designer, Level Designer, Programmer

A 3D adventure game where you play as a frog chef named Ribberto to explore an open world and collect ingredients using fast and momentum based movement.

The Robot Split in Time

Windows, Mac

Level Designer, Technical Designer

The Robot Split in Time is a cooperative puzzle platformer where two robots, split across time, must work together to solve puzzles across the boundaries of their own time!


Windows/HTC Vive

Lead Developer

In H2O-NO, experience virtual reality as a pirate in the wrong place at the wrong time. See how long you can delay your ship from sinking with a series of wacky items!