• Alan Martin

Hello World!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I have decided to start a blog alongside my portfolio for a couple reasons, so I'll be going over them in this first post. In a way, this is the "scope" of my blog. What am I doing? Since portfolios are really only supposed to showcase the best of your best work, it leaves a lot of smaller accomplishments hidden. I figure that with a blog, I can dedicate posts to side projects and any other interesting things I'm working on. Games As a designer, I feel it's important to discuss and pick apart games. While I definitely don't have the free time to always be up to date on popular games, I would like somewhere to post about interesting design decisions I see in games I play. Learning Alongside side projects, I love learning new things in game development. I'm hoping this blog can serve as a good way to post about different tools, programming languages, or whatever else as I'm learning. That being said, Hello World! I'm excited to post some of the smaller pieces of my game development journey that wouldn't be considered "portfolio pieces". Currently, I'm having a blast learning Unreal and Blueprints in my free time, so I'll look to have a post up soon regarding my efforts there.

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