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Learning Unreal - Blueprints (Basics)

Time to dive into Blueprints - the powerful visual scripting tool that drew me to Unreal Engine in the first place. But first, a note: As mentioned in a previous blog post, I've been learning Unreal mainly through a Udemy course on visual scripting. While I have spent time experimenting and working my way around the Editor and Blueprints, I'll be using the "Crystal Cavern" game developed in the course for Blueprints blogs as the functionality covers much more than experimenting in free time. So for the purpose of blogs where I'm "Learning Unreal", I'll be just talking about some features I find especially interesting and useful, rather than trying to teach them myself. I can then hopefully expand on those topics by using them in smaller projects to show off in the future. With that being said, it's time for a look at the player controller in "Crystal Cavern", which is simply rolling a ball.


The core functionality uses input events, which then call functions to add physics to the ball rotation. While visual scripting was somewhat weird to get used to initially, I was able to pick up on core concepts after trying new things after implementing the core functionality the Udemy course demonstrated: - Nodes represent functions, events, references, etc.

- Connections define how your code works together

- Functions and macros allow for encapsulation

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