• Alan Martin

Learning Unreal - BSP Geometry Tool

BSP Geometry is a tool that enhances blocking out levels and/or models in Unreal.

The tool is very similar to Unity's "PolyBrush" tool which gives some basic features you might find in Maya, to geometric shapes in the editor. BSP is slightly more expansive though and at its core provides the following functionality (at least out of what I've experimented with thus far):

- Basic geometric shapes with editable attributes - Ability to manipulated edges, faces and vertices of shapes - Extrusion as well as subtraction of geometry - Straightforward ways to create new static meshes


The ability to subtract geometry is what makes BSP especially useful for me in regards to prototyping and blocking out potential levels. Similar to manipulating geometry through live bools when objects overlap in Maya, the subtraction option when dragging out new geometry takes away overlapping geometry in Unreal. This is especially handy when blocking out scenarios such as a hole in the level, rather than crafting a floor piece around where a hole might be by extruding edges.

There is of course the drawback of cluttering up the World Outliner window in the Editor by creating new geometrical shapes for ease of manipulation. Maintaining organization is fairly easy though and Unreal makes it extremely easy for users to create static meshes with the shapes that make up different level segments.

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