• Alan Martin

Learning Unreal - Editor Basics

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

In learning Unreal, just messing around in the editor and trying a variety of things is how I've gotten comfortable navigating around. Overall, the functionality is very similar to Unity's editor which made it easy for me to pick up on core features.

One key aspect to learn was the terminology used within the editor. "GameObjects" in Unity are "Actors" in Unreal. Windows also have different names despite encompassing much of the same assets. For example, the "World Outliner" acts as Unity's "Heirarchy" and the "Details" panel displays actor attributes similar to how Unity's "Inspector" panel details GameObjects. I found drawing these similarities important as it makes learning the basics much quicker and I'm then able to know exactly what I'm making references to when scripting in Blueprints (more on Blueprints in a future post).


One feature I'd like to highlight is the "Simulate" option for play. Rather than start the game with the events triggered on "BeginPlay" like spawning in "Pawn" (player) actor(s), this option allows for quick testing by simulating any physics and game logic written into different actor's blueprints in the level. This is super handy for quick iterations!

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