• Alan Martin

Learning Unreal - Initial Thoughts & Progress

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Over the course of the past few months, I've been looking into Unreal in my free time since my experience so far in Game Development has mainly been in Unity. As of the past week though, I've started to actually block out time in my day to spend in Unreal. It's been a great time so far and I'm always excited what new features I'll experience when opening the editor. I wanted to make a post detailing some of my initial thoughts regarding what I've learned so far, but I figured it'd be best to split it into separate posts so that I can dedicate each one to a particular topic or feature I really enjoy. My learning of Unreal so far has been structured around two core resources (Well, only one of them is a resource): - Unreal/Blueprints Udemy Course: This course has been especially helpful as it walks you through a lot of the same first time user practices that popular Unity tutorials also utilize. So far, I've created two games from this course that have introduced me to all the core functionality of Unreal's editor and scripting in Blueprints. Of course there is much more to dive into, but establishing an overall workflow through these lessons has allowed me to feel comfortable every time I open the engine, and now start looking at ways I can manipulate different parts of the games by using what I've learned along with my previous programming knowledge. - Just Messing Around Yup - nothing is more helpful than just messing around in a new software. Having experience in Unity definitely helps, as much of the main functionality within editors transfers over. Being able to step away from Udemy in between lessons and experiment with different features within the editor and blueprints though, has allowed me to pick up on the smaller things that I can integrate into my workflow. Now that I've set the stage for how awesome learning Unreal has been, I'm excited to go into detail and share different features I've learned in upcoming posts. Expect to see posts on the following topics: - BSP Geometry Tool - Iterations within Unreal Editor - Blueprints (Overall functionality) - Blueprints (Encapsulation & Object Oriented Practices) - Blueprints (Technical Art)

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