Roles - Lead Designer, Level Designer

Genre - Collectathon / Adventure

Development Time - 4 months

Team Size - 9

Engine - Unity

Windows & Mac


In Ribberto’s Rolling Adventure, play as a frog chef named Ribberto to explore an open 3D world and collect ingredients using fast and momentum based movement which allows you to ride and stick to surfaces.

I was responsible for:

  • Collaborating across roles and with our Industry Partner from Insomniac Games

  • Maintaining documentation such as Game Design Doc and task backlogs

  • Open 3D level design from concepting and blockouts, to populating areas with environment/prop assets

  • Scripting various smaller events and features within levels

  • Working closely with programmers in implementing and continually balancing features

  • Bug fixing

3D Level Design

To compliment the game's fast movement, I took inspiration from many locations, including skate parks, when designing levels. I was then able to sketch out maps and translate those into blockouts using Unity PolyBrush and ProBuilder tools. I then worked closely with artists to bring environments and props into the world. The resulting levels led many players to feel nostalgic towards some classic games such as Banjo Kazooie, as they explored the exciting world.

Scripting Within Levels

To enhance the sense of exploration and discovery, I programmed various smaller events within levels while building them. One of my favorites was Ribberto's Bowling Adventure, which is a side area allowing players to launch Ribberto towards bowling pins using boost pads. It features scoring and rewards players with a key collectable if they get a strike. These smaller features led to players engaging with levels further than just rolling through and collecting what they needed.