Roles - Technical Designer

Genre - Casual / Fast-paced

Development Time - 5 months

Team Size - 5

Engine - Unity

Web, Windows & Mac

In Shank the Swordfish, use only a mouse to control the most badass fish as you score combos from absolutely brutal kills on other fish in this 'flash game' - inspired experience!

On this game, I was responsible for :

  • Design and balance of main game loop

  • Main menu

  • Design and implementation of 'Time Attack' mode

  • Conducting playtests

  • Working with artists to incorporate animations and other assets into functionality

  • Programming audio manager and editing sound effects

Time Attack Mode

Near the end of development, some playtesters desired more goal-oriented gameplay. I quickly designed and programmed the system of a "Time Attack" mode which took the game's pre-existing gameplay loop and tied scoring combos into preventing time from expiring. Both this and the pre-existing "Free Play" mode are available in the final build.

Shank Time Attack Mode.png