Roles - Level Designer, Technical Designer

Genre - Puzzle / Platformer / Co-op

Development Time - 6 months

Team Size - 6 - 9

Engine - Unity

Windows & Mac



The Robot Split in Time is a cooperative puzzle platformer where two robots, split across time, must work together to solve puzzles across the boundaries of their own time! The game was showcased at Lansing Demo Camp and Intel's University Games Expo at GDC 2019.

On this project, I was responsible for:

  • Level design and lighting

  • Prototyping and implementation of many gameplay features

  • Conducting playtests and constant balancing of levels/mechanics

  • Functionality of main camera and transitioning states between levels

  • Bug fixing

  • Final polish and preparing builds leading up to events the game was shown at

Level Design

Worked both individually and with another designer to bring levels from concept to finish. Levels were frequently iterated upon so that each one was unique in cleverly utilizing mechanics. Collaborated with artists in finalizing spacing and implementing environment art/lighting. In the end, the levels brought forth a progressing mix of puzzles and platforming requiring cooperation from players.

Split In Time Level Progression.png

Developing Mechanics

I held a strong focus on game's functionality throughout development. This involved design of in-game systems, balancing of character controller, and implementing mechanics. One of my favorites to work on was the cleaner robot which can be directed around levels based on where the players can release trash from garbage chutes. I prototyped it early in development when I saw the potential for clever puzzles and later programmed it to be a polished mechanic.​ 


The camera was vital to framing levels for both players. I was responsible for implementing it which required planning functionality and then scripting it to achieve POI following between players, dynamic FOV, clamping to level bounds, and optimizing to play nicely with sub-camera used for technical art. The resulting camera ensures each level is framed nicely, even while the players are performing separate tasks.